Workshop on Presentation Skills for Design

A two day workshop planned for students of BFAD Department took place on 3rd and 4th March of 2016. The aim was to enhance the design development and brush up the presentation skills in students. The workshop consisted of four major categories, i.e. Power-point presentation skills, Color, Design Process and Documentation. The students were divided in a group of 8 students. The sub-categories were elaborated to the students. Every topic was supported by an activity planned for the students. Students made theme boards, mood boards. They also enjoyed the activities that were based on TRY MANTRA. Students were asked to create five products using one article such as paper, plastic spoons. Later in the day, students created theme boards and developed fabric swatches, color story from them. Students were very enthusiastic during the two days. They found it very helpful. Their work was further uplifted by the motivation from Dr Kusum Chopra, our expert advisor.

The second day of the day aimed totally on building up of understanding design components, displays. Students did displays in groups. The group were amalgamation of all the four batches. They used their products done during the practical classes for various themes. The workshop was a foolproof success.  


Click here to see Photos of Workshop

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