BFA students visited Lalit kala Akademy

BFA students visited Lalit kala Akademy to see a number of exhibitions of established as well as young contemporary artists. The visit gave students a unique exposure in the area of Fine Arts. The students came to know about the current trend of contemporary art as well as different kind of techniques to portray the various ideas. As the artists were from different parts of India the students had opportunity to see the art work from different parameter. The students were quite inquisitive to know the special techniques, ideas & philosophy used in making paintings. The students had discussions with the artists who were present over there and even while visiting an exhibition of Indian miniature paintings students were also saw the artists in working condition & got to know the techniques of the miniature paintings.

 After visiting Lalit Kala Akademy students also visited Shridharani art gallery to see a Photography exhibition & a group show of famous artists M.F. Hussain, K.G Shbhramanium & Somenath Hore at Art Heritage gallery. 


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