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A solo Exhibition

A solo Exhibition on

CHAOS, MISCHIEF-ORDER, HARMONY – Jai Zharotia the Processual Painter

and Advisor, BFA Dept. at FMG Group of Institutions



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Pof. Jai Zharotia, a National Awardee, Former Professor & Head of Department-College of Art, New Delhi, currently advisor FMG Group of Institutions had an exclusive exhibition of his paintings from 23rd March till 11th April. The exhibition was organised by Art Heritage at Shridharini Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam and inaugurated by Krishan Khanna (Internationally renowned artist).

Jai Zharotia is known for his unique style of painting and he has also made a position for himself in the contemporary art world. His works show a direct reflection of a sensitive and humanistic creative mind engagement with the world around.

The exhibited painting done in acrylic developed a language of its own that is unburdened of any baggage of predetermined meanings. Much like a child that encounters the world without a prior familiarity of the objects and inhabitants around, the artist comes out with perceptions pristine in nature and uncorrupted by the weight of encrusted past memories.

Jai Zharotia negotiates with a world that is unencumbered with our past memory images. What is given is here and now, there is no historicity to it. When the child feels an object for the first time it does so only in terms of its visual determines such as shape, form and colour. No interpretation intervenes between the object and its sensory coordinates. The child is not concerned with the name or identify for what is experienced is a ‘pure’ presence. Instead of seeing a certain mildness of gesture and form mischief making childlike curiosity, visualised through careful spatial placement of human, animal and inanimate objects.

After this successful exhibition Prof. Jai Zharotia expressed his gratitude to all the visitors for attending the show, their good wishes and making the exhibition wonderful & unforgettable.

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Exhibited Paintigs of Jai Zharotia


jai 6   jai 5

On Inauguration Day


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Industrial Visit at Honda Cars Ltd.

Management department had organized an Industrial visit to Honda Cars Ltd, Greater Noida on 15th March 2016 for BBA and MBA students as part of their academic curriculum. About 30 students visited the manufacturing plant of Honda. Students were first of all briefed by the manager assembly engine department about the Honda Company.

Then they were taken for a tour of manufacturing unit where they saw the manufacturing of ‘AMAZE’ car of Honda. Students asked many questions from the manager related to manufacturing process, HR policies, plant layout etc and were answered by the manager very patiently.


BFA students at Lodi Garden, Delhi for Outdoor Painting Workshop

A 2 day outdoor painting workshop was organized for the students of BFA Dept..

As Lodi garden is famous for the magnificent medieval sand stone tomb, architectures along with the eye pleasing landscapes, the outdoor painting workshop gave students some unique experiences. The students came to know how to compose the subjects on paper i.e. the architectural perspectives along with the landscape and how to apply water colors according to the original shapes & colours of the monuments as well as landscapes. Experts used different kind of techniques for painting. It was a very successful outdoor painting workshop during which the students have produced a number of outstanding paintings.

After the workshop the students had opportunities to visit Sridharani art gallery to see the solo exhibition of world renowned artist Prof. Jai Zharotia.The visit of students to Sridharini Art Gallery exposed them to the paintings of Prof. Jai Zharotia with its colors, forms & the lyrical compositions on papers & canvases. It was a worth visiting exhibition & students have benefited a lot.


BFA students visited Lalit kala Akademy

BFA students visited Lalit kala Akademy to see a number of exhibitions of established as well as young contemporary artists. The visit gave students a unique exposure in the area of Fine Arts. The students came to know about the current trend of contemporary art as well as different kind of techniques to portray the various ideas. As the artists were from different parts of India the students had opportunity to see the art work from different parameter. The students were quite inquisitive to know the special techniques, ideas & philosophy used in making paintings. The students had discussions with the artists who were present over there and even while visiting an exhibition of Indian miniature paintings students were also saw the artists in working condition & got to know the techniques of the miniature paintings.

 After visiting Lalit Kala Akademy students also visited Shridharani art gallery to see a Photography exhibition & a group show of famous artists M.F. Hussain, K.G Shbhramanium & Somenath Hore at Art Heritage gallery. 


Click here to see Photos of Workshop

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